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McFarland Youth Center comes a long way in 15 years

When the children who currently use the McFarland Youth Center were born, youth in the community already had a couple of years to explore what it offered. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the center''s opening.

It may be 15 years since the youth center has been operating but the process to open the center began in 1996.

The idea for the youth center came from a population that would not be able to utilize the facility several high school students. At the epicenter of the group were Katie Bradley, Jessica Bowers, Michael Hartman and Bradley Tabor and their student advisor Elaine Anadrol Keifei Creager.

The McFarland Youth Center opened May 17, 1998. More than 40 people attended the event, where Creager praised the work of the four high school students who spent several months advocating for the center.

Funding from the center came from a variety of sources. McFarland pledged $9,000, Dunn contributed $5,000 and Blooming Grove added $1,000. Students raised $1,500 through different means. The largest donation was a $10,000 grant from Dane County.

Village president Cathy Kirby said the center was "a prime example of what grass roots organization is all about."

The center, located in the McFarland Centre, catered to sixth, seventh and eighth graders. during summer weekdays.

According to a story in the May 29, 1998 issue of the McFarland Community Life, the Youth Center had a Ping Pong table, pool table, two Nintendo 64s, a Super Nintendo, a Sega Genesis, six computers and a TV.

While the pool table, computers, TV and video game consoles are still part of the center, plenty has changed since the first middle school students walked through the doors.

Penny Simmons has been on the McFarland Youth Center Board of Directors for about 12 years and currently serves as a board treasurer. According to her, when the center first opened it was seen as more of an extension of the school instead of buy cheap jintropin online a separate entity.

"It really has become a service offered by the community," Simmons said.

Since joining she has seen more diversity on the board.

"When it was getting off the ground you saw a lot of school involvement so I think that''s the big shift," Simmons said.

Presently only five of the 14 board members are school staff; the rest is comprised of community members, the center''s managing director and an AmeriCorps volunteer.

"We really need to give kudos to Shawn Miller, he has really led the youth center," Simmons said.

Miller, the board''s president, began "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" as a volunteer in 2005.

"I''ve Equipoise Imaging kind of been there ever since," he said. "It''s been really great."

Jake Wilson has just begun his second year as the youth center''s director. His goal has been to give the students a balance of fun and enrichment.

The McFarland Youth Center benefits the students by letting them have social time with their friends in a supervised environment.

"There are also a lot of things we offer that they can''t get through school," Wilson said. "There''s not a lot of opportunities unless they are Anavar Zmrc involved with clubs or organizations where "buy cheap jintropin online" they can do community service and get that volunteer experience."

So far this school year the center sees about 19 Indian Mound Middle School students each day. Wilson believes this number is a bit fewer than the number of children who attended last year. He thinks the attendance is cyclical.

"Certain classes will just get hooked on it and they''ll grow up through the youth center," Wilson said. "I think we''re starting with a new group of sixth and seventh graders that are really hard core group of kids so I think that''s setting a good precedent for the coming years."

When he started in the fall of 2012, the center moved from its McFarland Centre location next door to the building previously used for the village''s library.

The larger space has accommodated a wider variety of programming For instance, on Tuesday the children are split into the boys'' group and the girls'' group with each group focusing on leadership opportunities. Each day there is time set aside for the students to do homework though the youth can do Bivirkninger homework any time they are there.

"That''s a priority for us making sure they get their homework done," Wilson said.

Recently, the center had a new kitchen area put in with countertops, a stove, refrigerator, sink and cabinetry.

There was a kitchen in the old location that was used for Fresh Food Fridays.

"It tried to 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron incorporate healthy choices and fresher foods, non processed foods," Miller said. "It also gave kids skills to cook and prepare food."

Planning to build the kitchen began in the spring and the board spent the summer working with the village to ensure the plans were up to code.