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Master of the impossible brings his magic to region

LIGHT beams transferred into solid objects? Levitation? Pictures brought to life?

If 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone that all seems to stretch well beyond the realms of possibility then that''s what The South Tyneside International Magic Festival which starts today is all about.

All three seemingly impossible events have all been part and parcel of Jason Latimer''s act but then the American illusionist is, indeed, a "master of the impossible", a title bestowed upon him by entertainers Siegfried Roy, masters of the art of themselves.

What the 30 year old will bring to this year''s festival which showcases an array of acts, gala shows, school visits, master classes and lectures will be, apparently, rather less elaborate stunts but he''ll include the act which won him the Siegfried Roy title . and expectations will be high.

After all, another title Jason goes by is "world champion of magic" so the North East will be looking forward to a taste of what fans on the far side of the Atlantic have enjoyed since the illusionist burst upon the magic scene in 2003, with such visual mine teasers as bending light, shaping water and levitating fire.

The following eight years saw him perform in countries around the world, create illusions for other performers and win several awards.

"This is my passion. I blend technology, illusion and visual art," explains Jason who''s only the third American in history to be named Grand Prix Best Overall World Champion of Magic.

He''s making his trip to the UK specially to perform and take part in a discussion at the festival''s two gala shows at The Customs House, South Shields, on Friday and Saturday night, which run as part of a line Equipoise 50mg 50ml up of shows by local and international performers and a three day magic convention.

Also among the headliners at this year''s festival the Anavar Cycle Length eighth is another man who bridges the gap between science and illusion.

Intuitive Scottish mentalist Colin McLeod, 24, promises to surprise audiences with his mind reading show, which will also headline at the Friday night gala.

The 24 year old who, as "Hgh Jintropin Avis" a child, aspired to learn Sherlock Holmes like powers of deduction, has polished the skills he learned by studying forensic science at university for his act.

"I specialised in criminal profiling and a lot of what I learned had Bio Primo Methenolone Enanthate to do with behavioural patterns," he says.

Body language always gives off clues and he adds: "I use many psychological techniques in my shows. You "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" could say that my routines are a mixture of intuition, psychological techniques and total lies!"

He can read people''s thoughts, he says, more accurately than a psychic.

"I did a show in Edinburgh with five psychics and I would be able to tell more about the audience''s lives than any of them. I could tell people "Oxandrolone Powder India" their pin code, phone number or who their first kiss was with."

Colin, too, has performed around the world, including in Las Vegas.

Also Buy Jintropin Vegas bound is one of our own talents, festival regular John Archer.

The comedy conjuror from Teesside, who''s also written and performed in TV shows, won a trip to Vegas after impressing eccentric American magicians Penn Teller enough to let him open a show for them there later this year.

He''d appeared on their TV magic special Penn and Teller: Fool Us and did just that, with a clever envelope and money trick.

This week he''ll be showing off his skills several times, and will act as compere of the Friday night gala show and take part in a lecture during the magic convention which runs from Friday to Sunday.

And also among the award winning visitors from overseas will be magicians David Stone and Norbert Ferr, from France the latter blending technical ability with clowning traditions plus, from America, comedy magician Jon Stetson, and conjurer Paul Vigil who has also appeared on a Penn Teller TV show and has covered the Las Vegas Strip.

The magic festival attracts fans from around the world, too, and Coun Tracey Dixon, of South Tyneside Council, which organises the festival, said: "We hope fans of the art form will take the opportunity to come to South Shields and see magic in its purest form, with mind boggling tricks, illusions and mentalism being performed in front of an audience."

The South Tyneside International Magic Festival runs from today until Saturday.

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