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Marshall Village Board tables water tower

Though submitted to the Public Service Commission (PSC) for review and approval, the plan to construct a new water tower was sent back to the engineering firm and the village for reconsideration. The PSC questioned the present need and size of the intended tower, believing that only immediate need justifies the building of any new water storage facility in any part of the state. In order to build such a facility, Comprar Levitra the money should be borrowed and water end users such as village residents and those served by water delivery be mandated to pay by levy.

To facilitate the decision making process, Meyers presented a map of "Potential Development Areas" for the village. Some would require annexation, with the idea to justify building a future water tower.

The development areas were divided into residential and commercial/industrial zones, assuming the ''total expected residential growth with design life of the new elevated water" tower reaching 1,016 dwelling units and the "total expected commercial and industrial growth within design life of new elevated water storage tank" coming to 88.92 acres.

"These are very optimistic figures and assume very aggressive growth," Trustee Chad Diedrick said.

Meyers gave a 40 minute presentation on engineering a water tower project in an effort to urge the board to approve his engineering revisions for resubmission to the PSC.

Discussion points included various aspects of water storage, such as dead storage which is the minimum water pressure needed to operate and emergency storage, both which are presently Equipoise Erectile Dysfunction met by the village''s current water facilities. Under Meyer''s calculations, there would be a future need for fire suppression, equalizing and operating storage. This is if the village of Marshall grows, which is still awaiting development and inhabitation of 100 lots already designated residential.

T recommended building a new 400,000 or, at least, a 300,000 gallon capacity water tower to meet future developments. Even under the "ultimate development required storage capacity" scenario, the village would only need 178,440 gallons, but, Meyers argued it would be more cost effective to add capacity since metal supply costs accelerate at about $50,000 a year and tax incremental financing (TIF) funds are available to the village for the next two years amounting to $800,000. He urged the village to build now rather than later.

A new 400,000 gallon facility would cost around $1.675 million if built in 2016; a 300,000 capacity water tower would be $1.45 million. The new facility, with a life cycle of 75 years, would allow greater capacity and deliver better water service, particularly when called upon in a firefighting "Anadrol 50" emergency. Rates could be "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" expected to rise anywhere from 24 to 43 percent, depending on variant PSC formulas for funding the project.

There are other variables that could "Oxandrolone Powder India" come into the mix, all impacting rates. New treatment options for the wastewater plant in treating phosphorus, possible radon pollution of some village wells and subsequent remedy, and the impending repainting of the existing Dianabol 5 Week Cycle water "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" tower will all potentially cause rates for water usage to increase.

Diedrick pointed out that repainting the old water tower would elevate water rates by 6 percent.

Following the lengthy discussion, weighing the prospects of doing nothing, building only a 200,000 gallon size water storage facility, or constructing a new water tower, the board opted to table any action to approve resubmission to the PSC.

The board will continue its discussion at its next meeting Dec. 9.

T Amy Bares and Ben Heidemann, both project engineers, went on to present the "Phosphorus Operational Evaluation and Optimization Update" with recommended action plans for the wastewater treatment plant. After another extended communication with board discussion, the trustees voted to approve the action plan to be completed by Drostanolone Side Effects December 2015, which includes: review and optimization of polyphosphate use in the drinking water system; performing and infiltration and inflow study; review and optimizing biological process operation; collection and tracking the data on recycle loading; and full scale pilot testing of chemical action.