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''Mail Call'' from the troops

My soldiers are in a constant fire fight with the Taliban as the continue to be relentless in their efforts to kill us, the US Coalition Forces, the ANA, the AUP, local innocent nationals, and themselves.

Our FOB continues to get attacked on a weekly basis through IDFs (indirect fire). Soldiers are constantly looking for boosts of morale as it is extremely difficult being here in a war zone with numerous operations, being Comprar Levitra far from family and friends, and without the simplicities or the luxuries that are offered (and sometimes taken for granted) in the states.

We have had some casualties along the way. 1 28 IN, our sister battalion, lost a Soldier during the month of June, one of my lieutenants lost both of his legs in June due to stepping on pressure plate (he is recovering in the states and doing wonderful), one of my sergeants got shot during the month of June (he is also recovering in the states with his bride), and just this month, m battalion suffered its first lost.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers as this is a very unsettling country with danger all around.

July 22 marked the two year anniversary of my mother''s homegoing. As the weekend approached, my heart began grieving over the fact that I can no longer call her and say ''Hey mom, I love you!'' I am thankful for my mother''s sacrifices over the years and her strong desire to keep me in Deca Durabolin For Endurance Athletes church (I guess I am also thankful for the MANY, I mean MANY, whoopings that I received growing up).

So, as the weekend approached, I began praying that the Lord would comfort my heart as only He can! The Lord laid a salvation message on my heart and He gave me the strength that I needed to preach it.

When the invitation was given, I had nine soldiers respond that desired to be saved. I asked them to stay after the service in order to give me an opportunity to show them from the Bible how they can be saved. All of them stayed and gladly received His Word.

Out of the nine, two of them openly shared with me that they received Christ as their Savior! These two young men have begun a discipleship training course that I have outlined for them.

God comforted my heart that day with soldiers trusting Him a their Savior thank you Lord for your everlasting goodness! I am also comforted in knowing that one day I will be able to see my mom again!

Last Sunday, the "Anadrol 50" 29th, our little Chapel had every chair filled! If anyone else had come it would have been standing room only! Please "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" continue to pray that the Lord will use me as I strive to serve Him in this ole mortal flesh.

Satan wants to discourage and defeat anyone he can, why not start with the man "Oxandrolone Powder India" of Anavar For Weight Loss God who preaches the Word! By God''s grace I want to keep on the firing line!

If you have recently sent something to me do not worry, I will be here for a couple more weeks PLUS the soldiers in charge of the mail know where to find me. They also know that I will hurt them (in Christ''s love) if they do not get it to me quickly! lol

Some of you have asked what items are needed still? Baby wipes are always needed, hand "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" sanitizer, deodorant, shampoo, body wash/soap, shaving cream, loufas (however you spell it), razors, snacks, and now we will need clothes detergent.

At FOB Andar we were blessed with a contractor maintaining the washing/drying/folding of our clothes.

However, at FOB Arian, they have free washers and dryers but no contractor to maintain our clothes for us. Yes, that is correct ladies, we will have to learn HOW TO wash our clothes, dry them without shrinking them, and pile them in a corner when we are done (folding requires too much brain work).

Since there is no PX at FOB Arian, we will need some detergent of Anabolic Fasting sorts. I have already been on recon mission to FOB Arian and I will have ample space to continue our humble little FreeX!! Yay for us!