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Legislators seek to rein in payday lending

"This bill is 100 percent about consumer protection," Hebl said. "The unconscionable, triple digit interest rates these predatory lenders charge trap their clients in a cycle of debt that is nearly impossible to escape. Now is the time for Wisconsin to take a stand against these shadowy practices once and for all."

According to a study by the Wisconsin Department of Financial Achat Kamagra Pas Cher Institutions, the average APR for a payday loan in Wisconsin is 542.2 percent.

"There is a need for these businesses because unfortunately people are going through some really tough times right now," Ripp said. "But we do need to cap the interest rate so that it''s reasonable because currently, these interest rates are like highway robbery."

The state eliminated payday loan store regulations in 1995 a move that opened the door for extreme interest charges and caused the number of payday lending businesses in the state to jump from 17 to more than 542 today.

"Predatory lenders take advantage of people in dire straits," said Hebl. "They take a bad situation and make it worse. In these times of economic hardship, we need to do everything Anavar Que Es we can to enable families to save and build wealth. That means we need tough, pro consumer bills like this one so we can close the debt trap once and for all."

Hintz said his bill was received in the Legislature with widespread "Comprar Gh Jintropin" support.

"The bill was introduced with 43 co sponsors in the State Assembly and 15 in the State Senate," Hintz said. "This unprecedented level of support demonstrates that predatory payday lending reform is a high priority for the Legislature. Passing AB 392 into law is necessary and long overdue. Taking advantage of people in desperate times with no consideration of income and unaffordable repayment terms erodes worker earnings and for many imposes a high cost debt burden that can be devastating."

An employee of a payday lending store in Sun "Comprar Gh Jintropin" Prairie who wished to remain anonymous said he wasn''t allowed to comment specifically on the proposed legislation. However he did speak on "buy cheap jintropin online" behalf of payday lending businesses in general and said customers know exactly what they''re getting into when they take the money.

"Places like these go "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" into a lot of detail explaining what''s going on," the employee said. "It''s definitely explained in good detail and then it''s the customer''s choice if they want it or not. We give them an approval amount and it''s up to them how much they want to take. Some people just take a little and pay it back within a couple Equipoise Ethics days. Other people take a lot and it takes them a year to pay it back and then they realize how much interest they are paying."

The employee said payday stores charge such high interest rates to compensate for the loans that are never re paid.

"There''s a good chance people won''t be able to pay it back and the interest rate, I think it''s just to make up for what''s loaned out and not returned," he said.

According to the employee, Wisconsin payday lending businesses lose a statewide total of $500,000 per month on defaulted loans.

"So of course we are very clear with customers because obviously we want to make sure we get our money back," the employee said. "But if we don''t, those higher interest rates help the business Brutal Anadrol 90 капс make money."